Saturday, February 24, 2018

Snow Day!

 Even just a little snow creates a magical world! Scrub-jay
 Chestnut-backed Chickadee
 Male House Finch
 Female House Finch
 Yellow-rumped Warbler
 View from our home
 Beautiful oak above our home
 Our home
 Daffodils in the snow

Go ahead, have a seat!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Mini Vacation!

 Recently we made a trip to Klamath Falls, Crater Lake, and Bandon, Oregon. We were ready for a little break and the trip was everything we could have asked for. Upon arriving in our house rental in Klamath Falls, we were greeted by the sound of many birds in the nearby juniper trees. Upon closer inspection we saw that there were numerous robins and cedar waxwings feeding upon the berries.

 The home we stayed in was extremely comfortable. We would rent it again in a pinch!!!
 Our main purpose in Klamath Falls was to enjoy the birds and raptors that make this their winter home. We observed many species looking out over the marshlands. These are snow geese in flight.
 Young Red Tail
 Snow Geese high in the air
 Bald Eagle
 Some of the eagles fished, some ate ducks and snow geese, and some hunted for prairie dogs. There were several in the surrounding farmers' fields.
 This young red tail hawk was tagged and banded for observation.
 That's a lot of baggage to carry around!

 Sunsets on Klamath Lake in the evenings were spectacular...almost unbelievable!
 Fog over the lake in the mornings was equally beautiful!
 As we headed toward Crater Lake we made one more stop in the marsh just north of Klamath Falls. I snapped this rough-legged hawk and we also saw a few more. It was worth the detour!
 I love old barns and this was on our way to Crater Lake near Fort Klamath.
 Visitors' Lodge at Crater Lake
 The lake was stunning, especially with the snow surrounding it. I didn't like standing on the snowy rim taking pictures though, as it is a steep and long drop to the bottom!
 A cabin on the rim; Bill and I on the rim
 We continued toward Bandon (which is on the coast) and stopped to enjoy this covered bridge built in 1921.
 We saw a herd of elk just at dusk in Myrtle Point.

 One of our favorite places in Bandon is Cranberry Sweets. However, I went a little crazy with the samples and then didn't feel all that great after not eating refined sugar for over a year!

 We had a beautiful picture of the nearby Coquille River Lighthouse in our hotel room, so I wanted to see if I could replicate it. We drove to the lighthouse, walked out on the rocks, and this is what I got. I had to enhance it a little to look like the hotel picture. I made a print and it is beautiful! Afterward we looked for agates on the beach near the lighthouse.
 Bill wanted a picture of this fellow in Old Town Bandon. He was smoking a myrtlewood pipe made for him by his son. I wish the ugly fire hydrant wasn't in the picture, though.
 Harbor Seals on Bandon Beach
 Bill in front of a log that has been wedged in tight for quite a while now
 I love the huge rocks and wave action on this beach!
 Steps taking us down to the beach
 We came back later in the day to see the sunset.
 The sun reflected shimmery silver and gold off of the waterways.
 Beautiful textures
 Dressed for the nippy weather!
 Friends at the beach and the beautiful sunset
 Almost complete
 Birds in the afterglow
 Walking the docks before leaving for home
 Looking back on Old Town Bandon

 We made a stop at Loon Lake on the way home because we had never been there. I got a nice shot of these rapids.
I snapped a few bull elk at the reserve outside of Reedsport, and then we headed on home to Salem. What a wonderful trip, and what wonderful memories we made together!